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Hygiene & sanitary design for food & beverage, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries
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Time, manpower and equipment are costly but quality is priceless in Minox
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Minox, the symbol of commitment and quality that build reliability
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Minox EHEDG & 3-A Sanitary certified products to provide hygienic solutions
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Minox started as a trading company for stainless steel sanitary valves, tubes and fittings in Malaysia. Now, we are an established distributor of these products, as well as installation components & equipment, rubber hoses under the “MINOX®” brand. We serve end-customers in food & beverage, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries.

Minox covers both the local and overseas markets with large inventory through our regional offices located in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. These countries are located in the fast-growing regions of the world, presenting exciting market opportunities to create exposure of the Minox brand and product offerings. In addition, we also work with our representative agents to secure customers in Taiwan, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Minox offers a comprehensive range of products that cater to the industrial end-customers’ diverse requirements. The range includes different types and specifications such as size, dimension, material grade and surface finishing. Meanwhile, we are also committed to supplying high quality products which are in compliance and certified with the international industry standard — including 3A, ASME BPE, EHEDG and FDA, in terms of product hygienic design requirements. Minox will continue to offer excellent value and support to the customer, positioning us as a reliable and trustworthy brand for stainless steel products.

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