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Minox Introduce Refreshed Logo: A Symbol of Evolution and Professionalism

Today, we proudly introduce minox’s new logo, a symbol of Evolution and Professionalism

As part of our growth journey and transition to becoming a public company, we are excited to unveil the refreshed and refined Minox logo. This evolution takes our organization to a new level of professionalism, reflecting our independent presence across representative businesses throughout Asia. By retaining the core elements of our design while modernizing the logo’s proportions and font, we have crafted a stronger, more contemporary visual identity for the Minox brand.

We believe the most powerful communication comes from our business frontliners—the individuals who represent Minox. These team members embody our brand, demonstrating to our customers, business partners, and society what it truly means to engage with Minox. As we continue to deliver value, we aim to make your experience with our brand both strategic and effective.

Beside our name stands a tree, it is more than just a significant graphic icon for our company; it embodies Minox’s core philosophy. It symbolizes our commitment to being a conscientious organization, attuned to global sentiments, and dedicated to shared values and sustainability.

Our tagline, “Quality Crafted, Industry Trusted,” encapsulates our commitment to excellence and reliability. With every product we create, every service we provide, and every partnership we forge, we uphold the highest standards of quality craftsmanship. We are proud to be a trusted brand in the industry, relied upon by businesses and customers alike.

As we embark on this new chapter, we carry with us the spirit of collaboration, and dedication that has defined us from the beginning. With our new logo as our guiding light, we look forward to continuing our journey of growth, success, and excellence, together with our valued partners and customers.

Welcome to the new era of Minox.