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Clean-In-Place (CIP) Process Instruction

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Read the instructions carefully and pay special attention to the warnings.

  1. The tube is designed for cleaning-in-place (CIP).
  2. Limited used for any fluid in the tube: Amount of chloride ions in a solution < 25ppm.

A.  Preparation of Cleaning Agents

  1. Prepare 1 – 2% w/v alkali (Caustic Soda, NaOH) at temperatures of 85°C – to remove organic soils.


  1. Prepare 0.5 – 1% w/v acid (nitric acid, HNO3) at temperatures of 50°C – to remove inorganic soils.


B.  Requirement of CIP Flow:

  • For CIP of pipeline, minimum fluid velocity of ≥ 1.5m/s is required to generate sufficient turbulence for achieving the desired cleaning effect.
  • CIP flowrate at 1.5m/s according to respective pipe size as below:
SizeFlow Rate (m3/hr)SizeFlow Rate (m3/hr)
DN100.41” (t = 1.2)2.2
DN151.11” (t = 1.6)2.1
DN252.91.5” (t = 1.2)5.4
DN324.31.5” (t = 1.5)5.2
DN406.11.5” (t = 1.6)5.2
DN5010.62” (t = 1.2)10.0
DN6518.52” (t = 1.5)9.7
DN8027.82” (t = 1.6)9.6
DN10042.42.5” (t = 1.5)15.5
DN12566.32.5” (t = 1.6)15.4
DN15095.43” (t = 1.5)22.7
DN200169.63” (t = 1.6)22.5
DN250265.13” (t = 2.0)22.0
  4” (t = 2.0)40.4

t = thickness

C.  Full CIP Conditions and Procedures:

CIP Cycle StepCleaning SolutionConcentration (%)Temperature (°C)Time (min)
Step 1
Process WaterAmbient5
Step 2
Alkali Cleaning
NaOH1 – 260 – 8515-30
Step 3
Intermediate Rinse
Process WaterAmbient5
Step 4
Acid Cleaning
HNO30.5 – 150 – 6520 – 40
Step 5
Intermediate Rinse
Process WaterAmbient5
Step 6
Sanitation / Disinfection
Hot Water8515 – 20
Step 7
Final Rinse
Process WaterAmbient5
  1.  Concentration of alkali as high as 4% may be used for highly soiled surfaces.
  2.  Acid should never be used ahead of the alkali clean when removing milk deposits. Acid will cause the precipitation of protein with the result that it is more difficult to subsequently remove.
  • Sanitizer/disinfectant such as chlorine based agents, peracetic acid (PAA) can also be used to reduce microorganism to a safety level.
  • Sterilisation can be done with high pressure steam at temperatures of 120-135°C for 30 minutes.


  1. The cleaning agents must be stored/disposed of in accordance with current regulations/directives.
  2. Always handle alkali and acid with safety goggles and gloves.
  3. Never touch the pipelines when sterilizing.
  4. Above are the details on common CIP chemicals and general guidelines for use. It is recommended you contact your CIP engineering partner to purchase chemicals that are right for your needs